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Wyoming Personal Representative Lawyer

In all states a personal representative or executor is the person responsible for handling the gathering of estate assets in an inventory, the notification to creditors, the payment of taxes and the distribution of any remaining assets to beneficiaries. Each of these are important steps in the estate administration process.

Wyoming is no different. The state of Wyoming requires that a personal representative be appointed to handle the important estate administration tasks. A personal representative could be named inside a will or could be appointed through the court process when no will has been drafted by the deceased individual. A Wyoming personal representative lawyer is the legal support and counsel for a personal representative who needs additional clarity and assistance with completing the tasks in their role.

Likewise, a Wyoming personal representative attorney can prove especially helpful when the personal representative has been accused of failing to adhere to their fiduciary duty to beneficiaries and to the estate or otherwise making mistakes that could harm the value of those estate assets. In each of these unique situations it’s important to retain a personal representative attorney in Wyoming to explain this process and to help with the necessary paperwork.

Understanding Personal Representative Liability

Personal representatives have liability to adhere to their role and to the bounds of their fiduciary duty. This means they cannot be involved in any self-dealing or improper actions that harm the value of the estate. Likewise, if an executor steps too far outside the zone of their responsibilities and makes a distribution to beneficiaries or family members before proper creditor claims and taxes are paid that executor could be held legally accountable and personally responsible for the missing funds.

Even if you believe that you have followed all of the instructions about being a personal representative to the letter, retaining a personal representative lawyer in Wyoming can help you to gain further confidence in this way by having the peace of mind that you can turn to someone who is familiar with this area of the law if and when an issue arises. Do not wait until a legal claim has been filed against you or until a beneficiary has accused you of improper behavior to retain a personal representative lawyer.

You have a lot at stake even if this was a friend or family member who appointed you into this role and you want to be sure that you have properly protected yourself going forward. It can be a difficult position to serve as an executor or personal representative because not every family member may be happy with your performance or might not understand how probate works. In those circumstances, having an ally in the form of a personal representative attorney can make it easier to explain your position and to provide an additional level of authority around the decisions that you have made.

How Can I Resolve a Personal Representative Dispute?

You might be able to fix this conflict outside of court, but it might still require the help of a personal representative lawyer in your corner. There are a lot of things that can make a personal representative case more complicated, especially if beneficiaries feel that they have been cheated out of the estate planning done by the deceased.

Any personal representative in Wyoming dealing with this should be prepared to get legal counsel involved as soon as possible before a conflict gets worse.

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