Trust Litigation

Massachusetts Trust Litigation Lawyer

If a loved one created a trust with the intention of giving you assets inside that trust but things are not going as planned with the administration of this strategy, you might need the support of a Massachusetts trust litigation lawyer.

Meeting with a Massachusetts trust litigation attorney is the first step towards clarifying whether or not there are advanced trust administration issues that could require further litigation. Your loved one probably put together a trust to streamline the transfer of assets to you but if this is not what’s happening in reality or you have questions about the actions undertaken by a trustee, you need the support of a trust litigation lawyer in Massachusetts to help you.

Trust litigation can be both very expensive and very involved if you don’t get the right legal counsel at the outset of the case. Don’t wait to get help from an attorney if you find yourself in this kind of situation.

Understanding the Role of Trustees

Trustees are given significant amounts of discretion when it comes to most trust instruments. However, they also have a high level of responsibility. The level of responsibility in combination with judgement often leads to disputes over trusts of all different types in Massachusetts. In those circumstances, it is essential for someone who is a beneficiary of a trust to consult with a trust litigation lawyer in Massachusetts as soon as possible.

Understanding Types of Trust Litigation

Your trust litigation attorney should have extensive experience in this field and be willing to guide you through the complex process of understanding trust litigation. You do not need to be an expert on trust litigation yourself but you do want to know that your attorney has represented others in similar circumstances and will be confident in taking your case. Some of the most common type of trust litigation disputes include claims over;

  • Limits of discretionary distributions
  • Challenging investment choices made by the trustee
  • Conflicts over various interpretations of a trust instrument
  • Concerns about the validity of a trust
  • Claims that the trustee has not accounted for things properly
  • Remainder beneficiaries who are contesting distributions already made to income beneficiaries
  • Representation associated with removal of or evaluation of trustees
  • Representing unborn children or other beneficiaries
  • Challenging the distribution of principle
  • Appeals in supreme judicial court

These difficult litigation matters related to trusts call for the support of an attorney who knows the landscape and can help you avoid many of the most common challenges and problems. Trust litigation is important because it needs to be handled by an experienced professional who will give you an honest appraisal of your stake in the case and things that you should know before moving forward with a claim. In certain situations your lawyer might even be able to help you seek out alternative forms of dispute resolution like mediation to get to a settlement offer that avoids the protracted cost and time investment of going to court. No matter how you find yourself in these circumstances, it’s imperative to get the support of an attorney who knows the lay of the land and who has represented others like you before.

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