Trust Litigation

Maine Trust Litigation Lawyer

In the state of Maine, you might use a trust to ensure that you have control and flexibility over how your assets are passed on to people of your choosing, known as beneficiaries. In these circumstances, it’s essential that you consult with an attorney to draft this document because it can help to avoid confusion and problems down the road.

No one wants to end up in a case involving litigation over a trust’s administration, but it can and does happen even when the creator of the trust had the best intentions to make things clear. Sometimes the only way to resolve these kinds of complex issues is to retain an experienced lawyer to get support with the litigation aspect of the case.

Trust Litigation Basics

Although trust litigation is much less common than disputes over the stipulations inside wills, they can and do still happen. As a Maine trust litigation lawyer can tell you, you need to be prepared to respond to these circumstances and know your standing whether you are a trustee or a beneficiary. A trust litigation attorney in Maine is the person who guides you through the process and represents your specific interests in connection with a trust litigation case. The sooner you can retain a trust litigation lawyer in Maine, the easier it will be for you tell your responsibilities and the aspects of this case most important for you to understand.

Trust litigation involves a variety of different types of claims, including those that allege that a trustee is not acting appropriately in his or her role as the trustee or concerns over the formation or wording inside the trust. All of these can be extremely complex particularly if there are disagreements on both sides about the intentions of the trust creator or if the trust creator is no longer mentally capacitated to be able to clarify their wishes. In these circumstances it might fall to the services of a Maine trust litigation attorney to help relevant beneficiaries or a trustee who has been accused of improper behavior to determine the next steps.

Many trust litigation cases can be resolved outside of court in settlement conversations and this is usually in the best interests of all parties when these matters can be addressed outside of court. This is because further litigation can delay the administration of the trust itself but can also diminish the assets inside the trust that were intended for beneficiaries since a trustee might need to use these funds to defend themselves or to get legal counsel regarding a matter opened by beneficiaries or other key stakeholders. With so many things at play in a trust litigation case, you want to find an attorney who has extensive experience in handling these complex circumstances and will approach it with a sensitivity, care, and concern needed for resolving this matter in a timely fashion.

The support of a lawyer can make a big difference in how you move forward with your case and could even assist you with resolving this sooner than you anticipated. No matter how you find yourself in these circumstances, empowering yourself with legal representation is strongly recommended. Because of the complex nature of these cases and the kinds of mistakes that can be made, you need to have someone on your side who is well versed in these aspects of the law.

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