Trust Litigation

An Alabama trust litigation lawyer can support you and your loved ones when you are facing concerns over legal issues related to the resolution of probate. Unfortunately probate can generate many different types of legal disputes and these must be addressed in the litigation atmosphere to be effectively closed out. Whether a beneficiary or an executor of an estate, you will need to be knowledgeable about the possibility of trust litigation.

A trustee is the person most likely to be connected to trust litigation as this individual holds legal authority and responsibility for managing assets inside the trust. In all of these circumstances, it is beneficial to retain a trust litigation lawyer in Alabama as soon as possible if you are an interested party to an ongoing dispute or estate related issue. Trust and estate disputes are often further complicated by strong emotions like confusion and grief, which can make it more difficult for the involved parties to reach resolution.

The structure and creation of a trust is usually to accomplish estate planning goals and to streamline the transfer of assets based on the creator’s wishes. However, once a trust litigation attorney in Alabama has been hired, this can represent the elevation of this complex conflict. You will need an Alabama trust litigation attorney who has experience and sensitivity when it comes to the issues facing these parties, particularly when family members do not agree but need to maintain a family relationship. This becomes even more complicated when substantial estates or assets are involved. There are many different types of claims that can occur when it comes to trust and estate litigation, including the validity of trusts, claims of undue influence, or arguments that the trustee has been involved in malfeasance, such as taking funds from the estate for themselves.

The primary goal for those people who take the time to put together a trust for estate planning purposes is to protect their legacy. Every day, residents of Alabama navigate the process of probate or trust administration when it comes to assets left behind by their loved ones. These plans can allow family and friends to grieve their loss, simplify the transfer of property and remove the added stress of court. However, when disputes regarding management of an estate or a trust occur, retaining and attorney is important.

You might be able to prove that your concerns are valid or to defend against existing accusations by hiring a qualified attorney. Your first reaction might be to try to handle the dispute on your own but one mistake could have devastating impacts for your case or even reduce your chances of reaching any amicable settlement in a reasonable amount of time. It is difficult to move on with your life after a loved one has passed away in the best of circumstances.

The emotional drain of dealing with trust litigation amplifies this. There are many different types of trust and estate litigation, including contested powers of attorney, disputed claims from creditors, beneficiary disputes, claims for breach of fiduciary duty, wrongful death recovery, adopted or contested heir disagreements, will or trust validity questions, and estate modification or management disputes.

You will want to work with an attorney who has a strong track record of successfully representing clients associated with litigation related to trusts. It is not in your best interests to try to move forward with this case on your own or with an attorney who does not have extensive experience in this field. You can greatly increase your chances of success by working with a lawyer as soon as possible to get clarity on your next steps.

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